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Professional photography company in Sydney specialising in professional headshot photography, professional Sydney corporate event photography, professional commercial photography and professional retouching.


Sydney Professional LinkedIn Headshots Photographer

It should be obvious that a professional photograph conveys professionalism, yet many people still choose to upload poor quality or social images of themselves as their LinkedIn profile photo. Not only are these people not portraying their true professionalism and character, but they may also be missing out on career enhancing opportunities.

Your LinkedIn profile photograph really is the first thing anyone looks at when viewing your profile. In fact, profiles without a photo are viewed significantly fewer times than those with an image, and this demonstrates the importance of having a professional photo. If you want people to take notice of you, you have to have a photo, and you can be sure that having a professional photo will only help you open the door to new opportunities.
You owe it to yourself. Don't hold your career back for the sake of a photograph.

Alright - so I need a professional LinkedIn photo.
Why would I choose Eastside Photography?

There are several reasons to select Eastside Photography for your professional LinkedIn headshots:

  1. Experience, knowledge & expertise. There's not much we don't know about lighting & photography!
  2. Member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography. Our work has been assessed by the industry body as being of a high professional standard.
  3. Our photographer can come to you, within the Sydney metropolitan region.
  4. Competitive rates & group discounts.
  5. Full public liability insurance is guaranteed.
  6. All of our equipment is absolutely cutting edge - very few photographers can offer our lighting options, and none at the same price point.
  7. Review and select your images online in your very own private gallery.
  8. No 'per hour' photography rates. Only pay for the images you want. No hidden catches.
  9. Fast turnaround times. You'll typically have your photos processed & delivered within 24 hours of selection.
  10. All photos are retouched by hand. Skin blemishes, stray hairs & clothing lint are removed for all images. Additional retouching is also available. Just tell us what you'd like done.
  11. We can make a professional image in any location. Want to do a shoot in your backyard? No problem. Your friends & family won't believe it wasn't done in a studio!

Take a look at our options...


Your Home or Office

Don't want to travel to our studio? Perhaps you have a team of people you'd like photographed? The simplest option is to have our photographer come to your home or office, with the complete portable studio. You'll have the same lighting options as you would in the studio, and we can achieve any style of photo.

We're happy to attend for any number of people, from 1 to 100+.

Setup fee & first 3 processed images: $250
Additional processed images: $65 each
Discounts available for large groups

Professional Sydney Headshot Photography in Home or Office.jpg

Professional Sydney Headshot Photography on Location.jpg

On Location

Would you prefer to have some nice scenery in the background of your headshot? Sure thing! We're able to get great images in any location, night or day. Sunrise, sunset, or even the middle of the day - we can handle any lighting scenario. 

Rained-out sessions will be rescheduled at no extra charge.

Setup fee & first 3 processed images: $250
Additional processed images: $65 each

Some locations may incur an additional fee for Council permits.